• "You can’t miss the intense and personal emotional core at the heart of Jack Tully’s Music.” Noel Mengel, The Courier Mail


  • "Delicate, sparse, a bit brutal at times, pretty personal as well... all of a sudden these big, distorted guitar sounds leap out at you. A heap of emotion in this one.” ABC Radio

  • "Jack Tully’s The Keeping is a slow burning and moody collection. If you like profound guitar solos and songs with an intense vibe, chances are you’ll be impressed by this new release. It reminds me of that Neil Young vibe in his classic On The Beach – a simmering, barely under-the-surface potency." Music Mainline

  • "Tully’s latest offering, The Keeping, showcases his incredible musicianship as well as helping you feel pretty darn great about the fact that life can actually suck sometimes." Surfing World Magazine

  • "An album that’s raw and honest, with imperfections only adding to the overall charm." The Country Update



The Music Magazine Brisbane

Monday, 20 July 2015 posted in gigs, press

How long have you been performing? I’ve been playing guitar for a long time but this is the first album I’ve put out sole and the first time performing my own songs in a stripped-back way.

You’re on the tour van – which band or artist is going to keep you happy if we throw them on the stereo? I like the old blues saying that we’re not happy until you’re not happy. So Some old blues or Townes Van Zandt. Any Townes album will keep me happy or Neil Young and Crazy Horse. I could drive forever listening to Neil.

Would you rather be a busted broke-but-revered Hank Williams figure or some kind of Metallica monster? I’d have to say the busted broke-but-revered Hank Williams figure. I don’t think I’m made for the monster.

Which Brisbane bands before you have been an inspiration (musically or otherwise)? Ed Kuepper – I saw Ed last year on his solo tour. He was great. He came out wearing his bright orange joggers playing a strat and took requests all night. I love the way he plays guitar, very original.

What part do you think Brisbane plays in the music that you make? Its got pretty rich soil and a spirit of adventure I like. 

Is your music responsible for more make-outs or break- ups? Why? I guess that depends on how heart worn you are! I have a friend that keeps saying he wants to play a certain song on mine at his wedding… I’m not quite sure we are on the same page with that one!

What’s in the pipeline for you musically in the short term? I’m launching my album The Keeping at the Junk Bar on July 9th. After that I’m hoping to play some more shows and continue sharing my music.



Courier Mail Article

Wednesday, 15 July 2015 posted in press

Thank you to Noel Mengel for the kind words in Saturday’s Courier Mail. 


ABC Gold Coast Interview

Monday, 21 September 2015 posted in press

A chat and a little ditty on ABC Gold Coast...
Available to listen here: http://bit.ly/1RznSXt