"This just could be the album of 2018; put the headphones on and sink into your couch with a jazz cigarette and/ or lift the level to 11 on your speakers and treat the neighbourhood to some damn fine Australian rock" Scenestr Magazine

  • Press for THE KEEPING

    "You can’t miss the intense and personal emotional core at the heart of Jack Tully’s Music"  Noel Mengel, The Courier Mail

    "Delicate, sparse, a bit brutal at times, pretty personal as well... all of a sudden these big, distorted guitar sounds leap out at you. A heap of emotion in this one" ABC Radio

    "Jack Tully’s The Keeping is a slow burning and moody collection. If you like profound guitar solos and songs with an intense vibe, chances are you’ll be impressed by this new release. It reminds me of that Neil Young vibe in his classic On The Beach – a simmering, barely under-the-surface potency" Music Mainline

    "Tully’s latest offering, The Keeping, showcases his incredible musicianship as well as helping you feel pretty darn great about the fact that life can actually suck sometimes" Surfing World Magazine

    "An album that’s raw and honest, with imperfections only adding to the overall charm" The Country Update